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Child protection (CHIPS) cases can be some of the most difficult and emotional cases for a family to go through. At 29th and Law PC, we are committed to compassionately advocating for the best interests of children and families in child protection (CHIPS) proceedings.

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Understanding Child Protection (CHIPS) Cases 

Child in Need of Protection or Services (CHIPS), are cases that involve the health, safety, and overall welfare of a child. There are several types of cases that fall under CHIPS, the most common include child protection, truancy, and voluntary placement. The court will work with the family to create a plan to ensure the child’s safety. Whether that is at home or in foster care. These support plans aim to provide the child with medical care, education, and overall safety. But if the created support plan does not resolve the issues brought to the court, the child could be permanently removed from the home and parental rights could be terminated.

At 29th and Law PC, we have handled a variety of child protection cases. These include, but are not limited to, parental rights termination, legal and physical custody of the child, neglect, and abuse. Every CHIPS case is unique, that is why we tailor our legal strategies to fit the specific needs of each family, while making sure that the best interest of the child is put at the forefront. In CHIPS cases, the welfare of the child is paramount. At 29th and Law PC, we advocate for the rights and well-being of children, working to ensure they are placed in a safe and supportive environment. While also providing support and guidance to parents that are navigating the CHIPS process, aiming for family reunification whenever possible.

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At 29th and Law PC, we understand that CHIPS cases can be emotionally challenging for families. If you are involved in a CHIPS case or seeking guidance on child protection matters, contact 29th and Law PC for a free consultation. You do not need to go through this difficult process alone. We are here to provide compassionate guidance to protect the rights and ensure the welfare of your child.