child protection

The protection and welfare of children is one of the areas where the State takes a direct interest. Child in Need of Protection Services (CHIPS) actions are a critical legal process in Minnesota, playing a pivotal role in safeguarding the well-being of children facing challenging circumstances. At 29th and Law, PC., we understand how difficult these cases can be, and we are here to help navigate you and your family through this process.

Overview of CHIPS Actions 

A CHIPS action is initiated when concerns arise regarding a child’s safety, welfare, or living conditions. Common triggers include neglect, abuse, or a parent’s incapacity to provide a suitable environment for their child. In Minnesota, this legal proceeding is governed by specific laws and procedures designed to address these sensitive issues. In a CHIPS case, the court works with the family to create a plan to ensure the child’s overall needs and safety are met, this can include medical care, education, or mental health care.

When Might a CHIPS Action be Appropriate?

It may appear clear that a child is not receiving proper care. They may display obvious signs of abuse or neglect. Nevertheless, state law clearly defines when a child can receive legal CHIPS status.

According to Minnesota Statute § 260C.007(6), a child in need of protection or services may be:

  • Abandoned
  • The victim of physical or sexual abuse
  • Without proper food, shelter, or clothing
  • Without the specialized care they need due to a medical condition
  • Unable to receive proper care because of a parent’s or guardian’s medical condition
  • Without a guardian because of a court order

The ultimate goal of CHIPS proceedings is to find a resolution that serves the best interests of the child, aiming for family reunification whenever possible. If reunification is not feasible or not in the child’s best interests, the court may explore alternative permanent placement options.

Our Team is Here to Help Your Family

Children deserve every opportunity to live their best lives and have bright futures. Sadly, circumstances outside their control often lead to abuse and neglect. In Minnesota, CHIPS actions can be crucial in ensuring a child’s safety by prioritizing their best interest by providing the child and the family support. Contact the team at 29th and Law, PC today. We can explain more about how CHIPS actions work and take the lead in helping improve a child’s life.