guardian ad litem in minnesota chips case

In Minnesota, parental rights are an important aspect of Child in Need of Protection or Services (CHIPS) cases. One crucial element of CHIPS cases is the involvement of Guardians Ad Litem (GAL), who play a pivotal role in advocating for the child’s best interests. Understanding their role and how they interact with families and the court system can help you navigate this challenging process more effectively.

What is a Guardian Ad Litem?

A Guardian Ad Litem is a court-appointed advocate whose primary responsibility is to represent the best interests of the child in legal proceedings. In Minnesota, GALs are often appointed in CHIPS cases, which involve issues related to the health, safety, and overall welfare of the child. These cases can arise from allegations of abuse, neglect, truancy, or situations where a child’s well-being is at risk.

The Appointment of a Guardian Ad Litem

In Minnesota CHIPS cases, the court appoints a Guardian Ad Litem to ensure the child has an independent and objective voice. The GAL conducts a thorough investigation into the child’s circumstances, including interviewing the child, parents, and other relevant parties. They are also responsible for reviewing pertinent documents and records. This investigation aims to gather comprehensive information to make informed recommendations to the court regarding the child’s best interests.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Guardian Ad Litem


The primary role of a GAL is to advocate for the child’s best interests. This includes making recommendations to the court about custody, placement, and services that the child may need. The GAL ensures that the child’s voice is heard and their needs are prioritized in court decisions.


GALs are tasked with conducting independent investigations into the child’s living conditions, relationships, and overall welfare. They gather information from various sources, including social workers, teachers, medical professionals, and family members. This investigation helps provide a clear picture of the child’s situation and informs the GAL’s recommendations to the court.


After completing their investigation, GALs submit a detailed report to the court outlining their findings and recommendations. This report covers the child’s current living situation, the parents’ ability to provide care, and any concerns for the child’s safety and well-being. The GAL’s report serves as critical evidence that the court considers when making decisions about the child’s future.


Throughout the CHIPS case, the GAL continues to monitor the child’s situation and oversees the implementation of court-ordered services and plans. They ensure that the child’s needs are being met and that any changes in circumstances are promptly reported to the court. This ongoing oversight helps to maintain the child’s safety and stability.

The Impact of a Guardian Ad Litem in CHIPS Cases

The involvement of a GAL can significantly impact the outcome of a CHIPS case.
Their independent perspective and thorough investigation provide the court with valuable insights that might otherwise be overlooked. GALs help ensure that the court’s decisions are well-informed and focused on the child’s best interests, which is paramount in CHIPS proceedings.

Advocating for Your Rights in Minnesota CHIPS Cases

At 29th and Law PC, we understand the critical role Guardians Ad Litem play in CHIPS cases. We are dedicated to working alongside GALs to ensure that your child’s needs are met and your parental rights are protected. Our expert attorneys have handled a wide range of child protection cases, including those involving parental rights termination, legal and physical custody disputes, neglect, and abuse.

Every CHIPS case is unique, and we tailor our legal strategies to fit the specific needs of each family. Our goal is to advocate for the best interests of the child while providing support and guidance to parents navigating the complexities of the CHIPS process.
We strive for family reunification whenever possible, ensuring children are placed in safe and supportive environments.

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The role of Guardians Ad Litem in Minnesota CHIPS cases is essential in safeguarding the welfare of children. At 29th and Law PC, we are ready to fight to defend your rights and support you throughout the CHIPS process. If you are facing a CHIPS case, contact us today to learn how we can help you and your family.